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How Lucifer Expands (& Improves) The Arrowverse




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Threats to infinite Earth have added many new additions to Arrowverse – but none has given the shared universe more benefits than Lucifer.

Crisis on Infinite Earths has added many new additions to the official Arrowiers canon – but none have the same enthusiasm and potential as Tom Ellis’s Lucifer Morningstar. Both the character and the Welsh actor who plays her have traveled significantly more off-screen over the years. Neil is based on Gaiman’s Sandman series character.


Lucifer began life on Fox as a procedural drama. After three rapid accolades, the network officially canceled the show. After a passionate fan campaign, Netflix stepped in to save it. Lucifer Season 4 was released in mid-2019. Less than a month later, Netflix renewed Lucifer for the fifth and final season.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Grant Gustin as The Flash Oliver Queen Arrow, Stephen Emel, Cara Denver on Infinite Earth, Tom Ellis as Melissa Benoist as Super Girl Arrows Crisis. It was then announced that the 2019 Arrowverse crossover event would be based on the Crisis at Infinity Earth, sparking speculation. Many famous figures from DC-related productions past and present were rumored.


As Tom Welling played his Clark Kent from Smallville and Kevin Conroy finally confirmed the role of Batman in live-action. Others, meanwhile, remained very in the air. After it was leaked online that Alice would appear as Lucifer, the actor denied that he was involved in the crossover. Crisis on Part 3 of Eternal Earth, however, denied Ellis’s denial. Lucifer is seen as seen by John Constantine, Mia Smoke, and John Diggle.


Despite several spoilers ahead of time, the appearance proved no less exciting. Ellis’s turn proved to be a feature of the installment, emphasizing more discussion on social media. And it is easy to see why. After playing the role of Lucifer for nearly a decade and a half, Ellis held such a grip for being characterless. Leaving behind both the charm and a quiet threat, Lucifer completely bounced off Mia, Diggle, and Constantine respectively. It was later Lucifer’s conversation that turned out to be the most compelling, though – with many immediately calling for a Lucifer and Constant spinoff.

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Whether or not such a project will come up remains to be seen. That being said, stranger things have happened within Arrowverse and the crossover has established a current history between the two. Fellow Welsh actor Matt Ryan debuted as John Constantine on NBC’s short-lived and titled series: Constantine. Following his cancellation after one season, Ryan reprisedreprized the role in animation. After a long time, he returned to live-action – first in a guest appearance on Arrow and then as a regular part of the team in the recent Legends of Tomorrow season.

Thus, it is very possible that Alice can make a similar leap if she wants to – especially with Lucifer coming to the end. Equally, given the time-traveling nature of The Legend of Tomorrow, this can easily be done without interrupting Alice’s beloved continuation of the Titan series. The introduction of Lucifer Morningstar also opens a lot of doors for storytellers and storytellers. Ultimately Lucifer’s presence confirms that heaven and angels exist within the shared universe. Not to mention messengers of death, and even God himself.

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In addition to all this, many other types of unique creatures no doubt have to present the amount of potential money for the Arrowverse more positively in mystical and supernatural tales. Equally, in the character of Lucifer.

Although each has its fair share of diversity and representation in established shows, Lucifer will take things to a new level. Openly bisexual, sex-positive, and without excessive boredom, the possibilities of offering Alice and Lucifer’s continued presence in AeroViverse without lending a word will be endless.

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