How Jennifer Aniston Helped Selena Gomez To Get over Justin Bieber


I need to learn from Jennifer how to help a friend to get over an ex.

Everyone must be well aware of the love story of then teen love story of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. They were like the perfect couple goals, and every young couple aspired to be them. The moment they ended their relationship, it just not broke their hearts, but their millions of friends were heartbroken too.

However, Selena’s pain was much more when Justin got engaged to Hailey Baldwin. During her time of trouble, it was Jennifer Aniston who helped her overcome the pain.

Selena often shared about how much she idolized superstar Jennifer Aniston, who played the iconic role of Rachel in the famous Tv series Friends. She helped the singing sensation overcome her heartbreak following her separation from ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

In a viral clip on Instagram, Selena said, “It was kind of like a friendly meeting.” Like a smitten-lover and a fangirl, Selena described Jenny a ‘she is amazing.’ Selena also confessed that it was Jennifer Aniston who supported her during darkest hours and Jenny’s wise words and maternal advice helped her heal from inside.

Jennifer gave Selena powerful advice and told her to love herself without a man. Just like Jennifer, who struggled a lot to overcome her breakup with heart rob Brad Pitt, Selena to let go of her past once she learned to confront her pain and found the inner strength and confidence to scrip her life, without the help of a man.