How I Met Your Mother Season’s Spin-off Coming Soon!!

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is, at last, getting its hotly anticipated side project How I Met Your Father, and here’s the beginning and end we know up until this point. How I Met Your Mother follows Ted Mosby describing how he met their mom to his kids Luke and Penny in 2030. The series focusing on the occasions of Ted and his affectionate gathering of companions Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin from the years 2005 to 2014. The dearest sitcom closes with Ted at long last gathering his future spouse (uncovered to be Cristin Milioti). However, Ted relates how she, unfortunately, passed from an undisclosed disorder a couple of years after the finale’s occasions.

After How I Met Your Mother finished, there were a few bits of gossip about a side project following a lady as the focal character-revealing to her children how she met their dad. HIMYM’s cast was not expected to return or have any genuine association with the new characters; the new show would basically be sexual orientation flipping the plot gadget.


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Why How I Met Your Mother Spinoff How I Met Your Dad Was Cancelled

In 2013, CBS requested a pilot for How I Met Your Dad: a HIMYM spin-off featuring future director Greta Gerwig and Meg Ryan. Shockingly, the show was never gotten it’s anything but a full series. Following seven years, the hotly anticipated side project appears to at long last be moving.

How I Met Your Father Is Finally Happening

Hulu requested 10 episodes for How I Met Your Father, which has been in progress now and again since How I Met Your Mother finale in 2014. As indicated by Variety, How I Met Your Mother showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are set to return as chief makers, while the new showrunners and principal composing group of Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger come from NBC’s family dramatization This Is Us. The news came early Wednesday [via The Hollywood Reporter] when Bays and Thomas said in a joint explanation:

Children, I will disclose to you an unfathomable story: It’s the account of how two authors lucked out enough to make their fantasy TV show for nine seasons and now will pass the light to an excited new imaginative group with their own mind-boggling story to tell, the narrative of How I Met Your Father.

How I Met Your Father Cast

Hillary Duff is the greatest name joined to the undertaking up until this point: the entertainer is accessible subsequent to pulling out of the arranged Lizzie McGuire reboot that she ineffectively campaigned to be moved from Disney+ to Hulu.

Duff’s new character will be Sophie, who will take on Ted’s job from How I Met Your Mother, disclosing to her child how she met his dad. The new makers facetiously expressed that [via Variety] they “trust no one believes it’s unusual Bob Saget will play old Hillary Duff’s voice,” referring to how Saget had voiced the future narrating Ted in the first series. Up until this point, future Sophie’s voice entertainer hasn’t been reported.

How I Met Your Father Story vs How I Met Your Mother

As per Hulu, the story will follow Sophie, who later on is relating to her child the tale of how she met his dad. The story will start in 2021, where — like the How I Met Your Mother assumption. Sophie and her dearest companions are sorting out their places and objectives throughout everyday life. Sophie and her companions will explore present-day dating: attempting to experience passionate feelings for the help of dating applications and other current approaches to meet likely accomplices.

How I Met Your Father Release Date

How I Met Your Father doesn’t have an authority delivery date. Hulu is by all accounts enthusiastic about the series, so ideally, the streaming organization will focus on it alongside their other expected firsts. Regardless, Hulu’s series portrayal puts the advanced occasions as starting in 2021, so How I Met Your Father can be required to be delivered before the year’s end.