How Harley Quinn’s Birds Of Prey Re-Shaping The Revenge Story


The movie Birds Of Prey takes on several different familiar narratives within the larger comic book origin story: The Burned out cop. There was a recently single woman attempting to get over a toxic relationship, stealing from the wrong person, she was a singer trying to find her place in the world. She was looking for revenge.

Each of the elements is only one facet of each character; that is they are not wholly defined by one particular event or their trait.

These women all have their inner lives extending beyond the work that does not always stay within the lines of the jaw.

The movie Birds Of Prey which is directed by Cathy Yan from Christina Hodson’s script is no more evident than in the portrayal of the Huntress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. A complex emotional journey that follows, some of the well-worn tropes.

Helena Bertinelli is an excellent killer, she dispatches multiple threats without so much as getting a scratch on her body. she exudes an image of cool from her predominantly black attire. The black attire includes leather pants and a hooded jacket and also her choice of a motorcycle to aid in quick escapes.

It is not until she opens her mouth that it becomes very much clear her image and her killer instincts are making insecurity and pain as well. huntress is the name she has given herself, and most of the nicknames, she cannot get anyone on the board.

The only thing that is her motivation is revenge after watching her family get gunned down when she was a small kid. After playing dead, she was secretly whisked off to Sicily.

Her then childhood ended at this moment and she then became dedicated to become a deadly assassin. Her whole life is tainted by the violence of this experience, as depicted in very blood drawings that also spelled out her rage.