How Drunk Love Is Blind Contestants Are


Alcohol and reality TV go together, and dating shows are no exception

Therefore, I was not surprised to observe that booze and adore are comfy bedfellows from Netflix’s new reality show Love Is Blind, in which contestants agree to marry without ever laying eyes on each other. 

The decision is made after six to ten discussions that the possible couple has, each individual placed in a very small pod, separated by a wall.


The living spaces — one for the girls, the other for the men as well as the pods — are the two main environments in which the decision takes place. 

These spaces are windowless and mostly featureless save for couches, blankets, and full bars stacked with alcoholic and alcohol accouterments: glasses, decanters, pub carts, etc.. 

Contestants are seen eating but are always drinking. They drink during their conversations with their prospective partners and if they and their contestants backstage are commiserating. 

Wine has been featured shots of this kitchen show dozens of bottles of beer and Champagne and hard liquor.

If it’s consistently alcohol that’s being 13, it is not clear. One profoundly featured contestant, a big, handsome fur appears to be drinking that which I suspect is Smirnoff Ice in a beer glass or what is cloudy lemonade. 

He did not respond to a request for comment specifying which: Jessica, the next stage in a devastating love triangle involving Barnett and a personal trainer called Mark, favors a dark red, which she slugs with delicious abandon after being refused by the former:

Netflix didn’t immediately comment on the quantity of alcohol provided to contestants in any certain time of the series, and none of the 12 contestants I might find on Instagram responded to my favorable DMs, so I had been left to attempt and answer the question on my own.

I tried this at first but the time I managed to tell that folks had gotten beverages was once they switched glasses or went for their living rooms. 

This was not wholly dependable and happened about eight times per episode per individual, which by Love Is Blind standards sounds like too much drinking without throwing up or passing out.

I soon realized this was a fruitless exercise because from the windowless world of Love Is Blind, time is a build. 

I can’t tell at what time of day that the drinking has been done, and exactly what time of day it’s, how long has passed between drinking at the living area and drinking in a pod.

I could tell that Barnett and a guy called because they’d become pink Cameron were drinking. I surmise that Jessica was drunk although Amber would become more competitive because she would become emotional and gossipy. 

It was unclear, though, just how much of the behavior resulted from alcohol or due to the simple fact that they are currently living in darkened pods plotting unions under the eyes of Nick Lachey and hosts Vanessa. 

My suspicion, though, is that everyone on Love Is Blind is extremely drunk. I mean, why else — how else — would someone agree to something like this?