Sunday, June 13, 2021


At a global level, the music industry has been a witness to many moments which have turned the sphere of the world as a whole. The music itself has evolved and has split into many genres over the period.

This industry has given us many icons like Eminem, The Beatles, The Backstreet Boys and many more stars like these. The recent trend the industry faces is K-pop. K-pop or Korean pop has begun to make its name in the Hollywood industry.

This is because of the big Platforms like Youtube, making it more accessible to the public, Hence making its Global stance.

The introduction to the now well known Boyband BTS started this new wave in the music industry. Since their debut in Hollywood, many groups made their way as well. This article will focus more on the famous worldwide group BTS or Bangtan Sonyeodan.

The Band BTS or Bulletproof Boy scouts came into existence in 2013 with their debut song ” No More Dream” and since then have been gaining a fan following. They continued to produce tracks like ” Just one day or Haruman”, ” NO” and many others.

Their big break was their track “I Need You” which fetched them their first award. The leader RM with his fellow bandmates were overwhelmed with joy on their win. From this track, the music videos of the band followed a storyline which has no known conclusion till date.

The following albums acted as an instalment into their nicely knit story. The albums “The Best Moment of My Life part 1, 2 and 3”, “You Never Walk Alone”, “Wings” and the recent Love yourself trilogy are all part of the universe that they have created to let the creativity of their ” Army” grow.

Apart from this, they have a Webtoon series which follows the same storyline. The most important thing to this boy band is the importance they give to their fans.

They have not let fame and popularity get to them and have been united since their debut and now.

The bond that they share reflects in their work. The amount of passion and dedication that they show motivates their fans to work towards their dreams and fulfil them.

But all this fame and fruitfulness came with so many struggles and BTS have faced from anxiety to financial they have been a perfect example to their fans about working hard towards one’s dreams.



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