Hole In The Ground Hits Netflix And Fans Calling It The Scariest Horror Movie.


For all the horror movie fans, there’s a chilling scary movie on Netflix. Netflix’s The Hole In The Ground has got positive reviews as soon as it released in Sundance Film Festival back in March.

The Irish horror movie now has arrived on Netflix, and it has got a whole new audience. It is directed by Lee Cronin where he follows a single mother who recently shifts to a remote new house situated in a forest and there where she finds her son who starts behaving strangely.


Hole In The Ground

Fans who have already started watching have taken to Twitter reviewing the movie.

However, one viewer tweeted “The Hole In The Ground on Netflix was nice a little supernatural horror movie. I watched it last night. A few pretentious shots but recommended. Viewers have also called the movie an excellent one and some of the top 10 favourite movies.

Unfortunately, The Hole In The Ground is available on Netflix in the UK. But it is also streaming on Amazon prime video for free. The film has got a great success since it released on Netflix with many fans praising the movie for all the actor’s performance and it’s a scary atmosphere. The film has a rating of 86% on the film review aggregator and has been favourably compared to 2014 The Babadook.