His Dark Materials, episode 4, review – the arrival of an angry polar bear and Lin-Manuel Miranda kicked this series back into worth watching gear.


His Dark Materials: The characters mainly roam in a small town doing petty work before their journey to the North to fight the Gobblers.

Based on Philip Pullmans novel, the journey to the North and the horrors Lyra would be facing is something worth watching. The cast would include Lee Scoresby (Hamiltons Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Lorek Byrnison (Joe Tandberg).


Lyra and the gyptians would finally meet in geography and purpose. Lord Boreals antics would be something worth watching.

Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) has much dominance over The land of Magisterium, and Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) threatens the alethiometer-reading Fra Pavel.

It feels explicitly and expressly like Lyras story, with Dafne Keens heroine driving the action as she tracks down Iorek and Lee, recruits them to her cause with some trademark storytelling and even persuades her new armoured bear friend to forestall on his vengeance upon the Syssellman (Harry Potters Harry Melling, who had a big Sunday night, also appearing in The War of the Worlds this week).

Still, she wasn’t the only stand-out in this week’s episode. Showing remarkable restraint considering what other aspects of the books they’ve debuted early, this week’s episode was the first appearance of big-name casting Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known for his movie and theatre roles and for creating smash-hit musical Hamilton.

The first person cast in the series, Miranda was a big get for screenwriter Jack Thorne and executive producer Jane Tranter, and while he’s not that much like Lee Scoresby in the books – a fairly taciturn, warm-hearted Texan with a big moustache and an avuncular air – his more upbeat, charismatic version of the aeronaut still breathes a bit of fresh air into proceedings.

 Overall, this felt more like the Lyra that book fans know and love – and assuming the series doesnt make too many more changes to whats coming ahead, her most significant and best moments are still to come.