Hindsight 20/20 wants you to remember every mistake you’ve made


It is surprising to think how far indie gaming has come in the last decade. I remember when modern gaming first began indexing, looking back three generations at the time; Its early years were dominated by pixelated graphics and platformers inspired by the classics of the graphics and the mid-1990s. Many indie games are still similar, but some have broken the mold, giving us the feeling that rivals are building the biggest studios.

Hellblade: The sacrifice of Senua is a good example of this. Although Ninja Theory is no longer an indie developer, bought by Microsoft last year, its flagship indie title set a new bar for other smaller developers. The developers of Frostist Studios, Rand, are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with just a small team. Those games, along with others, have entered the lexicon in the term “triple-eye.”



I don’t know if the term has caught on yet, although I know of one developer who is investing money on it. Its name is, appropriately, Triple-Eye Studios; Made up of four developers who have worked for BioWare, ArenaNet, and Saqqara Punch. For the past few years, Team Hittite has been working hard on 20/20, a title they hope will help them stand above the rest of the indie scene.

Hindsight 20/20 occurs with each other in two cities: Champaner and Gibsonia. The people of Champaner value life above all, until a mysterious virus, is found through it, present in relative harmony. They transform into affected demons, demon-like creatures who live by blood. When the king of Champaner ordered all those victims to be hanged, the Rakshas fled to the holy city of Gibsonia.

Hindsight 20/20

Hindsight’s protagonist is Jahan, a one-armed warrior to avenge his murdered father and save his friend who can turn into a Raksha. In any other game, Jahan would violently kill cities and dungeons in order to get his revenge, but in hindsight, the decision was left to the player. Do you kill everything in your path, or do you choose a more peaceful option? Every action you take has a reaction, and that is a cruise of Hinds 20/20.

Himanshu Chhabra has been working on the project for years, and the central theme revolves around moral dilemmas from the beginning. Before work on the game began, Chhabra needed the technology that would allow him to see his vision, so he spent a year developing the expert middleware and engine that runs on top of the Unity engine.

“The whole purpose of this engine is to watch and record everything you are doing in the game,” Chhabra said. “And thanks to this, every unit in Hindsight 20/20 has an awareness of your choice and your actions. For example, in this game, the NPCs know what you’ve done.

Hindsight 20/20

Thank you for that, they are different for you. Will respond in a way. They may be afraid of you. They can respect you. They can be happy for you. They can run away from you. They can come and attack you. ”

With this engine, Chhabra and his team are able to let players experience what many other sports try to emulate. One of my favorite examples of player outcome is a classic from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. If you steal from the Town Tool Shop, you are known as a “thief” for the rest of the game.

In Hindsight 20/20, it is much more detailed and affects every aspect of the story, dialogue, and even how different bosses react to you. There are many different ways that players can get this game with many “incomplete” endings to unlock.