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Hilarious Reference Of Ryan Reynolds For Blade Trinity Role

It is always great fun when an actor who has failed as a superhero in many attempts and finally becomes good at one then using his past failure references to generate comedy will always be quite a funny one to watch.

Here the turn is Ryan Reynolds one.


His series of failures :

Ryan Reynolds didn’t just become a successful superhero just like that. Before his successful Deadpool role, there were many instances of him completely worse. He initially played as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

This could one of the worst entries in the Fox franchise. Then starred as Hal Jordan in DC’s Green Lantern.

This was also a very bad failure for him. Reynolds has used these two failures as references to generate humor. 

But this time the humor went bigger with the reference provided by Merc with a Mouth’s latest comic book.

What the episode referenced :

In the strikeforce episode written by Tini Howard and artist German Peralta, the Deadpool is encountered with vampire hunter Blade leading a bunch of superheroes in the sewers. 

Here the antihero comes with a hilarious reference stating that ” Been in any good movies lately? Last I saw, you were huntin’ Parker Posey and some sexy dude…”.

This was indicating the Blade: Trinity released in 2005 where Reynolds played the Hannibal King. This is the last time the blade was seen. So putting an end to his break Kevin Feige has announced that Mahershala Ali has signed to play the role as a reboot. 

So now it is pretty clear that this comedy reference could be seen soon in the Deadpool movie. Neither the release dates for Blade or Deadpool are released. But it is quite sure that they will be hitting the theatres in 2022.

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