High Seas Season 3 Is Now Airing On Netflix, Know Its Cast and Plot Detail

High Seas Season 3 Is Now Airing On Netflix, Know Its Cast and Plot Detail

High Seas Season 3 (Spanish: Alta Mar) is a Spanish mystery series released on Netflix in May 2019. The show was renewed for a second season in June 2019 and was released on November 22, 2019. It is a dramatic mystery series created by Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira. Bambú Producciones, the production company behind the series reportedly stated in November 2019 that the show will return for a third season in 2020 and that a fourth season is also in development.

Plot Of High Seas Season 3

Following the death of their father, sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva travel on the ocean liner, Bárbara de Braganza (formerly Covadonga), en route from Spain to Brazil in the late 1940s. They become embroiled in investigating mysterious deaths that occur at sea.


The series starts with a mysterious woman asking for help from the sisters and ends up getting on board with them. Eventually she is thrown by someone off the ship which leaves everyone in chaos and thus the investigation starts.

Cast Of The Show


vana Baquero as Eva Villanueva
Alejandra Onei as Crolina Villanueva
Jon Kortajaena as Nicholas Vazquez
Eloy Azorin as Fernando Fabregas
Nicolas Fracela
Eduardo Blanno as Captain Santiago Aguirre
Maco Pigossi
Jose Sacristan as Pedro Villanueva
Marco Pigossi as Fabio
Begona Vargas as Veronica de Garcia
Eloy Azorin as Fernando Fabregas

Recap of High Seas Season 3

The third season was premiered on Netflix on 7 August 2020. The season was shot long back before the global pandemic shut down all the production houses.

In season 3 we saw Eva and Carolina hop abroad Barbara de Braganza and set sail from Argentina to Mexico. Fabio, a Brazilian spy approaches Eva to seek help to catch a man carrying some toxic chemical weapon that is very dangerous. The season 3 ending was everyone on a rescue boat, so the sail from Argentina to Mexico is still a possible option.