High School DXD Season 5: Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

High School DXD Season 5

High School DXD Season 5: This is a Japanese anime show which has garnered a huge number of fans and created a very strong fan base all across the world which has added to its merit. The audience has been seeing the show for quite a few seasons now.

Until now the show has four seasons. The show competes with all other anime shows across the world. it has been a long between the previous season and the upcoming season.

High School DXD Season 5: Plot


The fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season to be released as soon as possible. It is not sure that the show will return for its fifth season or not. The makers of the show should answer this question of the fans and the lovers of this show. The fans are wondering as to why it is taking so long to release the next season.

Fortunately, there seems to be a ray of hope as the first four seasons of the show were generated in the studio will no longer work on the anime which was the primary reason in the delay in the 4th and the 5th season of the show.

High School DXD Season 5: Release Date

According to reports and some reliable sources, the show is set to launch in June 2021 in Japan. It is very difficult to make a guess that is trustworthy as neither Passion Studio nor Sueda has verified this rumour. The lovers of the show believe that the 5th season is all set and very soon a trailer will be released. The release date of the upcoming season might get delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Manga fans might already know what the upcoming season will be about as it will be based on volumes 11 and 12. It will be the last stage. Something extraordinary is expected in the upcoming season as it may the last and final instalment of the series.