High School DXD Season 5: Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Every Other Detail


High School DXD Season 5: Updates, The angels and the devils are back! One of the favorite anime series of Japan, High School DXD that is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name has definitely ruled our hearts since it kicked-off in 2012. It owes its success to a good narrative and action and not just its seductive women.

We have finished binging four seasons and have set our eyes on the fifth one. Hopefully, the fifth season would take on the arc of Hero Oppai Dragon from the manga. It could also be admired for following the manga without bringing in any of their ideas into the mix. Here’s everything you want to know about High School DXD season 5:

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Season 5 Release Date:


Studios and Sueda who govern the anime have not stated anything clearly about the releasing date. But, if predictions and rumors turn out correct, it could roll out in mid-2020. But, do not expect before mid-2020. Also, passion studios have confirmed the renewal of a sixth series.

The Cast Of The Show

All four seasons have brought various characters. However, the principal personalities were always present throughout all seasons.

Where Can We Watch Season 5?

The series is adapted by TNK aired on AT-X in Japan, By Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom, and by Madman Entertainment in Australia.

The original network of the series is the Funimation channel in North America. The production company is Passion Studios.

Season 5 Plot: What’ll Happen?

High School DXD spins around a perverted high-school student, Issei Hyodo, from Kuoh Academy who wishes to become a harem king. But his desires extinguishes when his first date kills him. Later, a third-year student, Rias Gremory, from the same school revives him. However, Issei becomes a devil in the whole process being mastered by Rias who herself is a devil.

Issei’s growing relationship with Rias proves lethal to the agents and the devils.

The fifth season will take on the Hero Oppai Dragon arc. The arc primarily began in the fourth season and included in the 9th and 10th volumes. The anime is a close adaptation of the manga, so it seems likely that it will follow volumes 11 and 12.

Season 5 Trailer:

No trailer or footage has surfaced yet. Since it is touted to be released in mid-2020, expect a month before the releasing date to roll out.