Here’s What Will Happen In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16


Attack on Titan’s villains has evolved from senseless, easy-to-kill robots into being flesh and blood for people who do the killing over the span of the show’s four seasons.

Despite these comparisons, some villains have remained as straightforward as Zeke Jeager within their villainy. That is not to imply Zeke isn’t compassionate, and Season 4 Episode 15 not just portrays the Beast Titan in his best compassionate manner yet, but it also emphasizes how and why he has to be avoided.

It is clear the Zeke, Yelena, and the Jeagerists are preparing something nasty now that we know wine stuffed with Zeke’s spinal fluid was spread among Paradis’s army. But that is far from the worst of the Beast Titan’s plans.

“Sole Salvation” takes some time to flashback into Zeke’s turbulent childhood in Marley when he faces death in the form of a Thunder Spear set to blast his body apart by Levi Ackerman. We learn a good deal more about why he offered his parents, Grisha and Dina Jeager, into the Marleyan army police as Eldian Restorationists (a death sentence Grisha would escape).

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Zeke To Turn His Family

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16

Tom was the person who advised Zeke to turn his household to save himself and then he turned into the young man’s surrogate father. Although Tom didn’t just hand on his Titan Shifter skills to Zeke, along with a love of baseball.

He exposed top-level insights about the creatures to his one-day inheritor as a Titan scientist, such as the best way to circumvent the Founding Titan’s hindrance and the way anyone who controls the Creator will utilize the Founder’s unique power to alter the genetics of any Subject of Ymir through the Path.

He backed up his point by citing a plague that ravaged the Eldian inhabitant’s hundreds of years back before being wiped out by their Fritz king.

Figuring out that this does not make Zeke’s mass sterilization of his species any less suitable. It’s just what Marley’s real-life inspiration was attempting to achieve with Eldia’s real-life inspiration. Zeke may believe that it is the compassionate alternative, he is”saving” possible Eldian children from a life of misery.

He’s giving his oppressors exactly what they want: a world devoid of folks like him. Levi does not have any idea that Zeke’s decision to blow up himself at the end of the penultimate episode might have prevented many more from never being.


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