Here’s all that we know so far about The 100 Season 7


The 100, place at a post-apocalyptic world, our young survivors are set to return with the forthcoming season. This year will have some twists and turns. But, we haven’t seen to draw the storyline.

Season 7 Release?

The question is, when are we going to get season 7? Well, we do not have a date yet, but together with our human-level intelligence, we sure can make a guess. Seeing the trend of the show to release at the Spring season, it leaves us think that this time also, it is going to be April. According to sources, the show was supported on 7th and itself was begun in August by the filming. It is scheduled to finish by March 2020. To launch the series in April seems impossible. The series has a lot of special effects involved, so we have to provide some time to it.


We could expect the release to be scheduled around August or October. But as you know, it is just a guess. But something which we are convinced of is, this season will be the final in series. Furthermore, a total of 16 episodes will be published from the season.

Season 7 Plot

Season 7 will see the anomaly, expect to be its centre point along with the ghost of Octavia. Based Kass Morgan’s series of books of postapocalyptic adults, the show has added to it on. Things are too mythological. But as it is the season in the series, we will see the mysteries. There is also a battle to come.

Season 7 Cast

Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes

Shelby Flannery as hope

Alaina Huffman as Nikki

Shannon Kook as Jordan Green

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake

Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake