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Here is everything you should know about “Behind her eyes” the famous Netflix thriller you all should watch!!

Behind Her Eyes- Check the Release Date, Story with Ending explained and Review of the show.

Warning:- If you have not watched this series then you are in trouble as this article contains spoilers, but still you can scroll till the end of the page and read the reviews of it which doesn’t contain any spoilers.

As we all know that we are facing a global pandemic and there is nothing else we can do except watching Netflix and chilling at home. And to satisfy us with mind-blowing contents there are many series made and one of them is the thrilling and dramatic “Behind her eyes”.

                 Trailer of Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes, the trending Netflix series which released on 17th February 2021 is based on the novel “Behind her eyes” by Sarah Pinborough published on 23rd January 2017. This novel is basically about a women having an affair with her boss and having friendship with boss’s wife. It’s also about psychology, suspense and trauma. Mostly the Behind her eyes is famous for its ending and when the novel was released the twitter hash tag trending was #WTFthatending.

As thrilling and suspenseful the ending is, the simpler is the story and the characters; Simona Brown acts as Louise; Tom Bateman is David (boss); Eve Hewson plays David’s wife, Adele; and Robert Aramayo plays Adele’s friend Rob; other people not that frequently shown are Tyler Howitt as Adam, Georgie Glen as Sue, Nichola Burley as Sophie, Roshan Seth as Dr. Sharma, Nila Aalia as Geeta Sharma and Eva Birthistle as Marianne.

Behind her eyes

In the poster we see the three main characters loise, Adele and David with an horror expression on their face and there is a green ray of light between them, which left me in confusion of whether or not it is for the break between three of them as an affair has been opened, after watching the entire series I understood that it was an astral soul of rob circling near Louise, and I believe no one could understand what this series is all about without watching it first. But let us go through what we saw,

Let’s start from the dinner night where we see Adele, David and rob enjoying the night and we see how Rob astral project’s himself just so to see Adele and David have sex, where we think that rob likes Adele (unexpected turn). And in other episode we see Louise confronting David about what she found about Adele. We also see that Adele told David that Rob died of a heroin overdose and she threw him in the woods, probably she saw the series How To Get Away With Murder 6.

Behind her eyesShe took a promise that David wouldn’t tell anyone about it as she couldn’t bear the thought of being locked up again as she was before but then we see how David’s guilt makes him ready to confess the crime so he heads up to Scotland and warns Louise to stay away from her wife as “Adele has a way of knowing things

She doesn’t listen to him and call Adele has an intense talk where Adele admits to manipulating her. Louise then tells her that David has left from here to confess to the police and Adele deranges and started screaming “F–k off!” at her continuously. Adele writes out a suicide not “I’d rather have oblivion than be alone” with keeping a syringe full of heroin ready.

Behind her eyes

Adele then texts Louise and hints her about the suicide and being a kind soul probably too nice she does a big mistake of going to her place.

Louise sees flames coming out of her house and tries to break the door but couldn’t So she astral-projects inside Adele’s house and finds heroin dozed Adele lying unconscious on the bed. And here comes the twist when their souls mingle and Adele is in Louise’s body. Louise, in Adele’s body not able to move due to the heroin dose and that’s what Adele wanted to do right? Classic move!! Adele then prepares a lethal shot of heroin and injects it into “Adele’s (Louise)” arm, killing her. “Louise” (Adele) pulls “Adele’s” dead body to the road and start her fake crying till the police arrives. This series is just like the Big Little Lies season 3.

“Louise (Adele)” reaches home and starts her practice for making fool of everyone but her son Adam feels something different obviously because he knew his mom before his birth. I thought this was it but no there is this biggest plot twist which no one could expect of.

In the start you see how much rob shows efforts in the kitchen for David and you also see how Adele couldn’t make anything for David. You later see how Adele starts taking drugs even when she didn’t take it before (rob was a drug addict), then we witness how Adele had rob’s diary with her and how passionate and nervous she becomes around David making us think that this was all because of David’s death the directors have tricked us quite fantastically and then the reality strikes in and we know that Adele was not herself from quite a few days as her body was taken by rob as rob wanted to astral project into Adele’s body but she doesn’t like it.

Behind her eyes

Now Rob (Adele’s body) apologizes as he shoots “Rob (Adele)” and pushing his body with Adele’s soul off the woods. So “Adele” was Rob in Adele’s body the whole time, and when David married Adele he actually married rob and which clarifies all our previous suspicions and now I guess you understand that rob was a gay and he fell in love with David and now David will be entirely his as he is in the body of Louise.

One hell of a story right? If you love this kind of suspense then you must surely wait for BODYGUARD SEASON 2

Let me review it for you:

With a mesmerizing IMDb of 7.2 “Behind My Eyes” becomes one of the best shows I have watched in this Lockdown and the suspense and twists until the very last episode made me sit at the edge of my chair and I would suggest you to watch this if you really are a person who loves to get surprises and turns then you should check out the Latest updates on Carnival Row Season 2. I didn’t read the book that was written on this and I am really glad I didn’t has it would have not excited me that much as the series did and the credit goes to the wonderful actors and directors of the show who made it a huge success. Starting from the poster, trailer and to the ending, I might say that the concept of the series was good but maybe they could have done better. So I guess you agree to my article and review if you have watched behind my eyes already and if you haven’t you should watch it right now on Netflix.

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