Here Is Everything you Need To know About Season Five Of Queer Eye


Queer Eye season 5 Netflix release date: When will it air?

Netflix has verified that Queer Eye period five will arrive sometime in 2020, but it is still uncertain when that will be exactly. What we do know is that each season released following the first one has dropped in summer or spring, and filming for season five began in June 2019we expect new episodes to arrive year.

Meanwhile, fans can expect a place in Japan to arrive at the end of 2019. Titled Queer Eye: We are in Japan! this Tokyo-based trip includes what could be Bobby Berk’s”favorite episode”, thus anticipate the sake and tears to flow sometime later this season on Netflix.

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Queer Eye season 5 trailer: When will it land?

Generation on Queer Eye season five has not been completed just yet, so don’t expect a trailer to appear before early 2020 at the very earliest. In the meantime, have a look at the season four trailer above to get a taste of exactly what the show’s around and fall in love with the Fab Five if you have not already.

Queer Eye season 5 location: Where will it be filmed?

After filming in Atlanta and Kansas City season five will venture on over to Philadelphia in search of new heroes.

Production hasn’t finished on the episodes, but Antoni Porowski has already discovered a coffee shop he enjoys in the city.

Speaking to Food & Wine magazine, the food expert/avocado lover gushed over La Colombe at Philly’s Fishtown area: “There is a varied food space, there is a lot of multiculturalism in Philly, which is always really exciting to me because it only gives me more choices.”

Getting Canadian himself, Porowski added: “The immigrant story is quite important to me personally, being one myself, but also enjoying meals from all these different countries. And the opportunity to tell those tales, I immediately jump on [it].”