Here are the details about Warrior Nun Season 2 and What questions to be answered from Season 1!!


Warrior Nun Season 2 Details and what questions to be answered from Season 1!!

Warrior Nun is a magical fantasy drama web series. The series is created by Simon Barry. It is based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala. It is written by Ben Dunn.

The first season was released recently on July 2, 2020. 

Ava v. Adriel

If you have watched season one you know that the last episode finished with a cliffhanger. Where you see Sister Mary in a very tense situation covered with demon-possessed civilians. Also, the other sisters are ready to fight Adriel. This includes Ava who is powered by a Halo you all know. Ava is also holding a cruciform sword. Here you will see Ava go, full Warrior Nun for the first time after getting the Halo. The sisters have a lot of clearing up to do. The main thing is that innocent civilians will be collateral damage and the church has to answer about this. 

Will Sister Mary Able to Survive?

Mary is one of the powerful Warrior Nun and she holds a good amount of strength to defeat many demons. But in the last episode, she was taken up by the crowd of demon-possessed civilians and after that, she is not able to be seen as she has been covered by them. It is obvious that she will come out of it and the other Sisters will help her. They all are ready to fight the demons and Adriel. You know that Mary has got the name of Shotgun Mary, so she will definitely be out of that situation. 


What is the truth about Adriel and Halo?

You get to know in the last episode that Adriel is not an angel. He is a demon of a kind and he wants the Halo back. You have seen that he tried to take the Halo back from Ava but he was unable to take it. So, he possesses all the civilians as a demon. Which started attacking the Warrior Nuns. Halo is a powerful object which can bring death to life as you have seen Ava coming back to life and also giving great powers to the one who has it. 

It will be fun to watch Adriel life and why it happens with Nuns in the second season which will be announced soon by Netflix. As the series is in the Top 10 list in the US, UK and Canada. 


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