Here are the details about The Umbrella Academy and what will be Number 5 doing in the upcoming Season-2!!

Umbrella Academy Season 2

You know that Umbrella Academy season-2 is coming on July 31 as a small trailer has launched on Netflix Youtube channel in which at last, they have shown the release date of season-2 here.

The first thing you have to see is what the most volatile member of the Academy is doing that is Number 5.


This series is an American superhero web television series. It is based on the comic book series of the same name. It is created by Steve Blackman for Netflix.

This series is developed by Jeremy Slater. The story of the series revolves around the dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes.

They come together to solve the mystery of their father’s death. Also, they have to protect from the Apocalypse.

The maximum of the season-1 revolves around Number 5. He is the oldest/Youngest member of the Academy.

Umbrella Academy Season 2

He looks young but his age is more than anyone. Number 5 is obsessed with saving the world. He has some of the powers like teleportation and time travel. That is very much helpful to the Academy.

Number Five’s story starts when he chooses, against his dad’s desires, to take a stab at time-traveling just because. ill-equipped, he winds up transporting a very long time into the future and straight into a dystopian world.

In this new world, he finds the Hargreeves chateau wrecked encompassed by the groups of his dead kin. Future he was unable to go back, he ends up growing old in the future.

Number 5 was with a mannequin named Dolores until he’s enrolled by the Commission, an association that monitors courses of events.

They enroll Five as a professional killer until he double-crosses them to come back to his family to stop the future he saw from happening. The time he figured out everything about the apocalypse and other things, it was too late.

It is hard to tell what will happen to Number 5 in season-2. But it can be that he will get a good position at the commission.

The main thing which you have to see is what happens to all members. As at last Apocalypse has hit them but at the last second, they have time traveled. You will see it in season-2. Till then you can watch season-1 on Netflix.