Here are the details about The Business of Drugs on Netflix. Get to Know About AMARYLLIS FOX!!


The Business of Drugs on Netflix. Get to Know About AMARYLLIS FOX!!

Recently, The Business of Drug has released on Netflix and the main question is who is AMARYLLIS FOX? Let’s get everything about the documentary and AMARYLLIS FOX. 

Netflix streaming site has great content on different engaging topics, genres and when it comes to documentaries then it plays a very good role. It teaches people so much. You know 13th and Tell Me Who I Am has given viewers good knowledge about important things. Netflix has continued this year to provide exceptional non-fiction output.

The most recent one is The Business of Drugs show. It consists of a six-episode series. This documentary shows different substances like cocaine, synthetics, heroin, meth, cannabis and opioids. The show becomes fascinating with AMARYLLIS FOX. Who is the host of the show? 


AMARYLLIS FOX the host of The Business of Drugs

AMARYLLIS FOX is a 39-year-old host of this show. She has done a great job in hosting Netflix’s The Business of Drugs. As stated by the Irish Central, AMARYLLIS FOX is a former CIA Officer, coder, writer, peace activist, and also an entrepreneur. She has done many things as she has volunteered in a Mai Laa refugee camp and also she has spent her time in prison when she was only 18. Apart from this, she graduated from Oxford in 2002. She has done Masters in international security. After this, she went to pursue a career as a CIA spy.


Other details 

She has seen on the screens before. She was seen in many episodes of American Ripper. That is a 2017 documentary. Apart from this, she has also seen Tamron Hall, Markus Lanz, C à vous and Expedition Unknown. And now she is in The Business of Drugs. From this, she will gain more attention and respect in front of the people.

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