Here are the details about Overlord Season 4!! You will get here Plot, Release Date and many more things!!


Overlord Season 4 Every Detail – You will get here Plot, Release Date and many more things!!

This is a Japanese anime television series. It is based on the light novel of the same name. It is written by Kugane Maruyama and it is illustrated by so-bin. Madhouse produced this series. It was under the direction of Naoyuki Itō.

The first season premiered on AT-X from July 7, 2015, to September 29, 2015, in Japan.  The second season was released on January 10, 2018. The episodes were broadcast till April 4, 2018. The third season was released on July 11, 2018.

The series has gained positive reviews from all over the world. There are many fans of this anime.

Release date of Overlord Season 4

Overlord Season 4 the main details

There is no information about the release date of Overlord Season-4. Just a small announcement was made by the director of the anime that the release date of season-4 depends upon higher-ups in the studios. The fans are very much excited about season-4.  But most of them have started seeing other anime as two years have passed in the release date of season-3. 

The plot of Overlord Season 4

The story begins with a plunge into the life of Momonga, living in a dreary future world loaded with hopelessness. The principal hero stalls out in the virtual universe of YGGDRASIL. He follows the self-awareness of the Ainz in this virtual world.

In season three, we see Ainz dealing with the governmental issues that accompany being the alchemist ruler. He needs to deal with the merciless rivalry in light of the new positions he holds. So, you will see the story of season-4, where season-3 has ended.

The trailer of Overlord Season 4

There is no trailer available of Overlord Season-4. You can watch the old trailer of the Overlord series on Youtube. The trailer will release after the developers announce the release date of the Overlord Season-4.

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