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Here are all the details of the movie “Earth and Blood”. Get ready for some action-thriller fun!!




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Earth and Blood

This is a French action thriller film. It is directed by Julien Leclercq. The story tells about a violent showdown in a sawmill.

Release date of Earth and Blood

It was released on Netflix on April 18, 2020.

The trailer of the movie is available on Netflix YouTube page. You can watch the movie on Netflix.

The plot of Earth and Blood  “Spoilers Ahead”

A fight happened in the police station, which killed two out of four criminals. The other two escape from the police station with 8kg of cocaine from the evidence room. Saïd goes to the doctor to have a CT scan and finds out he has a type of Cancer known as Carcinoma. After that, he tells her sister-in-law about his plan to sell his sawmill owned previously by her father. He assures that she will get her cut. Yanis, one of the employees of Saïd, meets up with his half-brother and one of the criminals who survive the heist in the police station. The surviving one gave the drugs to Yanks to hide the drugs.

Yanis hid the drugs in the sawmill. On the other hand, Saïd told her daughter that he will use the money, which he will get from selling sawmills in her studies. He also met with the buyer. He also showed him the sawmill. Saïd suspects Yanis. And find out that drugs are hidden in the truck.

Earth and Blood Other Details

Earth and Blood

He locked Yanis inside the sawmills and told her daughter to stay inside. Saïd went to get some help. After this, some of the events happened in which Adama’s brother threatens Yanis and Sarah with the gun. Saïd saved both of them and he took them inside the house. After calling the police. Adama arrives and one of his men cuts the telephone cable which cut the contact with the cops.

After that, a big fight happened between Saïd and Adama. Yanis is stabbed when fighting with one of the men of Adama, and when Saïd arrives Yanis dies at the spot.

At last, Saïd falls down and Sarah holds him as the police helicopter arrives.


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