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Henry Kavill Is In Talks Of Reprising A Cameo In Shazam 2


DC despite having very strong characters right from comics it is way behind when it comes to the fan base and box office collections when it is compared with Marvel.

With Henry Cavill, not much clicked as the superman made DC put a brake on him.

Dwayne Johnson backing him up :

Dwayne Johnson, who is a famous WWE wrestler and now he is quite a common face with many of his films like Jumanji, Jungle Cruise. His connection with DC is that he plays the Black Adam. 

Even now it is officially confirmed that even a solo movie is coming up for Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. He tells that he knows that DC is far behind Marvel when it comes to fans or even the box office. So he badly wants to increase the DC fame. For this, he says that he needs help from Henry Cavill.

He said that though Henry Cavill could not bring in that much of an impact when compared to that of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. 

He tried his best. All know his talent in Witcher now. It is reported that he has contacted DC for a sequel of Superman and even they are in talks of this.

His entry in Shazam :

Even there is a definite talk of Henry Cavill reprising the Super-man in Shazam 2. Though it might be just a cameo he will in a very important take of the movie as there is going a big fight between the superman and the Shazam. 

Here the mister mind will be controlling the mind of the Kryptonian. Even there are talks of Henry Cavill to enter the Wolverine movie soon. 

So there is a lot for Henry Cavill to prove his skills and bring in great fan base thereby assuring his spot for the DC.

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