Henry Cavil was so muscular that he ruined the witch’s costume, and the Internet couldn’t miss him.


Henry Cavill prepared well for his role in The Witcher, which would be too good, say the designers of this series.

The actor spends a lot of time playing the role, as a result of which the “skin to wear” the armor creates impressive muscles. Social media is still passionate about this backstage story.


Cavill plays Geralt in The Riviera of the Witcher. Geralt belongs to a group of vocal warriors who miraculously mutate, use magic and fulfill their only mission to destroy monsters throughout the continent.

He must be strong, and, like the face of the Superman movie, Cavill is ready to complete the props.

Polygonal reporters visited Witcher’s in Europe to save facts and Easter eggs for a report coming out this weekend.

There they talked with snipers and costume designers, who said that Cavil helped a lot in creating his materials and wanted to play Geralt.

Costume designer Tim Aslan said: “Actors not only take care of the bathroom but also shoot muscles at an incredible speed during filming and make constant replacements to meet production requirements.”According to the message.

On the show, dress Geralt in a studded leather dress with a large shoulder plate with many belts and straps and panels overlap.
The effects are often hard-earned muscle Cavill cover this. The muscles do not have it.

Fans receive a grateful response for this little happiness. Some of them have different categories.

Many people respond to Twitter with a “then stopping putting clothes on him and ” proposal, and a lot of consensuses are reached.

Some experienced people have found the right skin care tips, suggesting that the tourniquet is too heavy for manufacturers to demonstrate Cavill’s physics.

From the very beginning, Cavill was delighted with this new role and discussed in detail the learning process from actors who will perform independently, if possible.

The actor wore a real and heavy sword in the series, so the battle scene required him a lot.

The Witcher was on Netflix on Friday, and so far the reviews have been mostly positive.