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Hellfire Club: Stranger Things Seasons 4 dives into X-Men Universe

The Duffer brothers are having a lot of fun messing with our heads and are not afraid to let us in on their little secrets – So, here’s Episode 1: Hellfire Club The Stranger Things writer just revealed the first episode title for Season 4, and it looks like it is so significant Marvel X- Men’s reference. Stranger Things is Netflix’s most-watched show of the past year. Now, the Duffer brothers are gearing up for its fourth season in a significant way.

The first episode title as Chapter One: The Hellfire Club. Fans are going crazy after seeing the first look of the Stranger Things 4 script. What is The Hellfire Club? It is the name of a fictional, secret society. It is a group of villains in the X-Men comics of the 1980s.

Stranger Things Seasons 4

Emma Frost leads these iconic villains is also known as The White Queen. She is the leader of the club. They all came during the Dark Phoenix saga where Jean Grey famously transformed being Professor X’s right- hand partner. It is difficult to understand why the first episode of Stranger Things 4 would want to name their script after such a criminal group.

The Meaning of the title.

In Stranger Things 4, fans speculating Eleven will turn evil this series, it seems the showrunners are only fuelling the fire. It can be the Stranger Things way of acknowledging the influence that X-Men stories might have on the upcoming season’s overall vibe. The epilogue seemed to indicate that the kids of Stranger Things may be having a smaller role in Season 4 Episode 1.

Hopper is Alive

The Americans who the Russians are talking about could be Hopper.

Hopper is seen on the wrong side of the Russian machine working to open the Upside-Down gate. When the device exploded, we saw a group of people in Hazmat suits rushed into the room just moments before getting obliterated in the blast. This could mean Hopper is alive and taken by the Russians in the new script for Stranger Things 4.

Just before the machine exploded, Hopper had suddenly disappeared from the machine’s side. If we see the scene carefully, Hopper is no longer standing next to the device when it is about to blow up, so we think that Hopper is still alive.




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