Healthcare Workers Are Being Urged to Get Flu and Covid-19 Vaccinations for the Winter Season

HEALTHCARE WORKERS IN NORTHERN IRELAND are being advised to receive flu and Covid-19 vaccinations this winter.

It comes as a number of immunization clinics for health and social care personnel have been established by trusts.


“Vaccination is our greatest protection against Covid-19 and flu,” said chief nursing officer Maria McIlgorm.

“Global flu activity levels have been extremely low the last two winters, owing primarily to Covid-19 preventive measures,” she explained.

“As a result, this year’s population immunity to flu is predicted to be weaker.”

“This, combined with the persistence of Covid-19, could result in a genuine health threat, particularly for vulnerable members of our community.”

“Vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective; if staff have any issues, they can chat with vaccinators or use the materials available on the PHA vaccine toolbox.”

“Covid-19 and flu are major contributors to winter health-care strains.” It has an impact on persons who get ill, the health care services that offer direct treatment, and the whole health and social care system.

“Our employees have already played a heroic role in the effort to safeguard our people and keep our extremely overburdened services running.”

“By protecting themselves by getting vaccinated, they will be in the best position to continue that vital task.”

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