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Health Ministry has issued new guidelines regarding Coronavirus, this is helpline number

New Delhi: Coronavirus infection is not taking a lasting name. 56 people have died on Sunday due to the Corleone virus in Hubei province in China. The death toll from the Coronavirus has so far reached 350. At the same time, the third case of coronavirus has been reported in India. This case is also from Kerala like the other two cases. All cases of this virus have been reported from different parts of the state. On confirmation of the coronavirus case in Kerala, Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Harshvardhan Singh said, “I am in constant touch with the Health Minister of Kerala on this subject. I have assured them that the central government is ready to give all help to the Kerala government to deal with this disease.

The third case of coronavirus came in Kerala, three patients returned from Wuhan, China, India

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has issued revised guidelines for people going to China, the Ministry has also issued an advisory for people coming from China to India. The Ministry of Health has advised Indian citizens to avoid traveling to China.

The revised guidelines are as follows-

1. Anyone traveling to China after 15 January 2020 can now be kept in solitude.
2. The e-visa facility for Chinese passport holders has been temporarily suspended.

3. E-visas already issued to Chinese citizens will not be temporarily valid.

4. The facility to submit an online application for a visa from China has been suspended.

5. If anyone has a solid reason for visiting India, they can contact the Indian Embassy in Beijing or the Consulate in Shanghai or Guangzhou.

For any information or help related to the coronavirus, you can contact the phone number 91-11-23978046. Apart from this, you can also mail to [email protected]

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