He’s All That: Premieres On Netflix In August

He’s All That

Quite possibly the most cherished adolescent motion pictures of the ’90s are getting a Gen Z, sex-traded makeover. TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling is set to star in a She’s All That redo, denoting her authority acting debut. Notwithstanding being new to the specialty, the job is directly in Addison Rae’s wheelhouse. She’ll play a famous web-based media powerhouse who is set out to make a secondary school geek Prom King. As Deadline detailed, Addison Rae’s He’s All That will debut on Netflix, and transitioning film whisperer Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) coordinated the content from OG She’s All That author R. Lee Fleming. Makers Jennifer Gibgot and Andrew Panay additionally returned for the revamp.

He’s All That is a rethinking of 1999’s She’s All That, which featured Rachael Leigh Cook as craftsmanship cherishing wallflower Laney Boggs and Freddie Prinze Jr. as famous athlete Zack Siler. In this emphasis, the TikToker plays Padgett Sawyer in the famous child job, while Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan plays a person similar to Cook’s in the first film.

However, while the film’s plot may rotate around a change, Buchanan says the story is more about inward development. “Truly, they’re both making over one another into better individuals, as in She’s All That,” he advised People of present-day updates to She’s All That. “It really maintains the first story, yet is simply refreshed such that feels current smartphones and online media are quite necessary pieces of our lives now!”

The Plot of He’s All That

In She’s All That, in the wake of being unloaded by his better half, secondary school whiz Zack Siler makes a bet with his companions that he can transform any irregular young lady into the Prom Queen. They select craftsman geek Laney Boggs. Zack becomes friends with Laney and diverts her from geek to mainstream young lady. Obviously, while becoming more acquainted with one another, they fall in adoration.

The He’s All That plot summation gets going likewise, Padgett is a secondary school powerhouse who becomes embarrassed after a fallout with her sweetheart. She then, at that point acknowledges a demand to transform geek Cameron into prom ruler. Cameron will probably go through a comparative nerd to-stylish makeover as Laney. I’m expecting that this one likewise finishes with them changing into better forms of themselves as a result of their companionship. Padget and Cameron will likewise probably fall overwhelmed with passion for one another, as it is the lighthearted comedy way.

The Mean Girls Director Directed He’s All That

Mean Girls chief Mark Waters coordinated He’s All That. His other coordinating work incorporates Head over Heels, the 2003 variant of Freaky Friday that featured Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, Vampire Academy, and Magic Camp. Waters’ high schooler film coordinating past may build your fervor for He’s All That since it shows that he’s exceptionally acquainted with coordinating the class. He may, in any event, bring basically a portion of the Mean Girls appeal to the universe of He’s All That.

The Original She’s All That Cast Member Set To Return

The authority He’s All That Instagram affirmed last December that Cook would show up in the revamp. Close by a photograph of Rae and Cook onset, the last’s person is portrayed as “Padgett’s shrewd and caring mother.” It’s indistinct whether that mother’s name rhymes with Janey.

With respect to whether Prinze Jr. will appearance in He’s All That, it’s looking far-fetched. “I’m not a piece of it, but rather I have companions who are a piece of it,” the entertainer affirmed to Entertainment Tonight. Despite the fact that he’s not engaged with the revamp, Prinze Jr. is totally strong of its reality.


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“I believe it’s acceptable that they’re revamping it. Individuals neglect, I saw via web-based media someone composed, ‘How could they change She’s All That?’ I’m similar to, man, it’s acceptable with me. We were a revamp of a change of a play!” Prinze Jr. said, alluding to She’s All That’s free associations with My Fair Lady and Pygmalion. “We were acceptable with it, and we gotta be acceptable with it, as well. Each age ought to have their form of workmanship that they interface with. I trust individuals aren’t irate about this is since, supposing that you need to go see it, cool. In the event that you don’t, cool.”

The Cast

Notwithstanding Rae, Buchanan, and Cook, one amazing reality star has likewise been projected in the film. Last December, Variety announced that Kourtney Kardashian would show up in He’s All That, following the pair’s profoundly pitched, fellowship. “Considering @hesallthatmovie,” Kardashian composed on Instagram after the news broke, posting photographs of herself taking a glance at a content. The film’s true IG account later reposted Kardashian’s pic and divulged her person’s character, stating, “Presenting Jessica Miles Torres.”

Other cast individuals in He’s All That incorporate Madison Pettis (The Game Plan), Peyton Meyer (Girl Meets World), Isabella Crovetti (Magic Camp), Annie Jacob (Fist Fight), and Myra Molloy (The Bold Type). Sources disclose to Deadline that Pettis will assume a part like the late Paul Walker’s in the first film. Meyer is Addison Rae’s famous beau, Crovetti is Buchanan’s more youthful sister. Jacob is his dearest companion, and Molloy will play an individual from Addison’s internal circle.

The He’s All That Trailer

A short mystery for the film, which was enveloped by late December, was delivered as a component of Netflix’s “New on Netflix” declaration on July 21. The clasp shows the start of the set-up recognizable to unique She’s All That fans. Rae’s person goes into a bet to see whether she can turn a “complete fiasco” into Prom King. A brief look at Buchanan wearing a smart suit proposes her arrangement worked excessively well.

For watchers who need a more intensive look as they check down to August 27. The cast has shared a couple in the background photographs. Rae celebrated the principal day of shooting in mid-November 2020:

He’s All That Premieres On Netflix In August

As indicated by Deadline, Netflix paid more than 20 million dollars for the rights to stream He’s All That. The film will debut on Netflix, as a feature of its late spring contributions, on August 27, 2021. Shooting on He’s All That started in November 2020 and finished up in December 2020. Giving the film a genuinely fast turnaround from recording to streaming.


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Netflix has a really thrilling summer arrangement as of now, with the debut of the Fear Street set of three. The finish of the Kissing Booth Saga and a lot of other fun Summer 2021 Netflix motion pictures. The expansion of He’s All That simply makes Netflix’s mid-year film series considerably more fun.


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