HBO’s Series: DC comic Watchman is opposite of the MCUs.


Damon Lindelof’s HBO series is based on DC comics ” watchman” graphic novel from the 1980s. Originally published in 1986, the 12 issues comic series gained notoriety, success and critical acclaim for its deconstruction and satirization of the superhero genre.

This HBO series has gained immense popularity and seems to be conquering the world and fans can’t help but compare it to the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe).


The series eliminates all the pretense and possibly naive glorification of Marvel superheroes and instead presents the public with brave and realistic characters whose credibility can not be questioned.

The Watchman series is set in an alternative universe 2019, masked Vigilantes are common occurrence interdimensional squids rain from the sky and Robert Redford has been president of the United States for thirty years.

The plot begins with the race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921and sets the stage for racial tension that still prevails in the city.

A group of white supremacists recognized as the Seventh Cavalry has resurfaced, creating havoc throughout the Police department. The Cavalry hides in disguise by pretending to be a part of Rorschach’s family, while the police too hide its identity.

When Chief Judd Crawford ( Don Johnson) is brutally hanged, Detective Angela Abar, also known as Sister Night (Regina King) suspects that Cavalry is involved.

Soon the mystery deepens when an unknown person from his past appears thereby making him question everything about his present.

In this series, most of the characters wear masks and costumes as a part of their work and who they are. In Marvel studios, however, costumes are the mark of the otherness of superheroes.

That along with their supernatural abilities is what sets them apart from the common masses. In addition, most of the Watchman characters do not possess superpowers.

MCU on the hot hand is filled with characters with special abilities. However, Ironically, the audience seems to connect with the Watchman characters as they appear to be odinaord humans of flesh and blood instead of idols.

Maybe it is this humanizing element that establishes Watchman apart from the crowd and adds to it’s renounce.