HBO series ‘Westworld’: New Season 3 Trailer Reveals 2020


Westworld Has begun to untangle its internet. The trailer for the HBO series’ third year lays out when the sequence occurs, which seems to be decades in the future the year 2058. Since Polygon mentioned the trailer did not have some new footage in the series itself, it failed to provide a premiere date of March 15.

During the first two seasons, Westworld Spent a lot of its time within the theme parks or its labyrinth of management chambers beneath the surface. It begins by mentioning a couple of events, including the impeachment of President Donald Trump, before chronicling political and environmental collapses the entire world over.


Though light on the footage, a lot of will not clean up Confusion concerning the backstory of the show, that centers around a set of entertainment parks populated by advanced androids, called before resulting in a violent uprising from its visitor’s hosts, which obtain awareness, also called guests. The coup of the android proceeded to perform through two that were instant and has been kicked off throughout the season finale.

The very first two trailers had indicated that Westworld Went while showing what life was like outside those playgrounds for the world’s wealthy elite, to enlarge its scope.

The first premiered ahead of this Game of Thrones series finale, which concentrated primarily on Caleb, a brand new character played with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. Just in the last minutes of the trailer revealed any link to the storyline, when Dolores, Rachel Evan Wood’s character, seems. The actor, who had been fundamental had escaped the playground with Charlotte Hale, performed with Tessa Thompson’s host body.

The minute trailer, That came out through SDCC over the summertime, a few more plot points came to light, such as Dolores’ entrance that the other escaped hosts were hunted down after crossing into the”real” world.

“All of us have our role to perform, you will find machines on the planet but not like us” she states in the trailer, cryptically as ever.

Westworld Relies on the 1973 film of the same title, composed and directed by Michael Crichton. The film used the same’scientifically-advanced theme park which goes awry’ assumption he afterward made popular with his novel-turned-mega-franchise, Jurassic Park.

Season three of Westworld premieres March 15 on HBO.