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HBO announced the Season 3 premiere date over the weekend. Westworld returns on March 15th, 2020

HBO’s mind-bending sci-fi play Westworld returns for the third year this season.

In Season 3, we eventually depart the park–although something tells me that is only partially correct. If it comes to Westworld, we shouldn’t ever think that our lying eyes. Deception abounds.

HBO declared the Season 3 premiere date on the weekend. Westworld yields on March 15th, 2020. HBO is charging it as”a dark odyssey concerning the dawn of artificial understanding and also the arrival of a new type of existence on Earth.”

Thandie Newton Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, as Maeve, Jeffrey Wright as Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale Bernard and Ed Harris as the Man in Black through what turns and twists their personalities can take reprise their characters, among others, remains a puzzle. Aaron Paul, of Breaking Bad fame, also stars as a newcomer to the series.

Here is The trailer, which reveals a number of the events which happened between our time and the start of the futuristic TV series, which seems to happen around the year 2058:

While Season 2 has been nowhere near as persuasive or cryptic as Season 1, it was some of the best TV on the market, and I am unbelievably excited for Season 3, and that I will be covering in my website.

I feel like I might want to see the first two seasons again, or at least a very long recap, as a ton of things happens leading up to where we live now.

Additionally, Since Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins and the whole cast Knock it. I return to the as good as the story is tremendous performances.

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