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Hasmukh Series Streaming on Netflix, Plot, Reviews, Trailer and many more!!!

Hasmukh Series is Streaming now on Netflix here we have some information regarding its Plot, Reviews, Trailer and many more stuff.

Hasmukh Series is the latest Hindi series. It got released on Netflix as Netflix originals on April 17, 2020. The series is directed by Nikhil Gonsalves. Hasmukh is produced by Applause Entertainment by Emmay Entertainment. This is a comedy series.

It also contains bloody killing and strong language. If you like the crime series Dexter then certainly Hasmukh also has the same elements but in Gunda style.

Release date of Hasmukh Series

Hasmukhs Reviews on Netflix-01

Hasmukh season-1 was released yesterday on April 17, 2020.

Plot of Hasmukh Series

Hasmukhs Reviews on Netflix -04

Hasmukh, the quiet and hesitant humorist who offers him a major reprieve in front of an audience and transforms into a viral sensation. There is just a single issue, for Hasmukh to proceed with his satire magic, he must be associated with homicide. Decided not to murder people, Hasmukh carries on with a twofold life as a watchful, satire virtuoso.

The cast of the Hasmukh Series

Hasmukh Cast Detail

  1. Vir das as Hasmukh.
  2. Suhail Shorey as Krishna Kumar.
  3. Ranvir Shorey as TBA.
  4. Neeraj Pandey as News Reporter.
  5. Ravi Kishan as TBA.
  6. Raza Murad as TBA.
  7. Deeksha Sonalkar as Rhea Mehra
  8. And many more.

More information about its episode

Hasmukh season-1 has 10 episodes.

Due to brutal killing and strong language, the series got an R rating.

If the series becomes popular, there will be many more seasons to come.

Meanwhile, enjoy this dark comedy on Netflix. Now, Netflix is available for mobile users at a very low price.

If you want to see the Hasmukh series trailer then you can watch it on Youtube.

Reviews of Hasmukh Series

Hasmukhs Reviews on Netflix -02

In this regard, the Netflix series could do well to learn from its near HBO cousin in Barry, whose co-creator and celebrity Bill Hader also comes out of a comedic background (Saturday Night Live), but does a far better job handling the wacky end of the spectrum. Hasmukh is unfortunately all over the area, as it melts into a B-grade cable sitcom now and then.

In a couple of areas, the rhythm of this series upsets. It sports uninspired direction and camerawork, for instance, endless cutaways to reveal audience reactions (or even the insertion of laugh sounds) that feel somewhat needy, almost akin to an inbuilt laugh track. And in addition to this, Hasmukh mostly delivers stale, half-baked jokes, which further reduces the show’s impact.

About the Story

Hasmukh Season 1 Cast

Hasmukh opens in Saharanpur, a town four hours north of New Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh. An aspiring comedian, Hasmukh (Das) daydreams about acting on a major TV comedy competition. But he’s stuck in a rut, working as an assistant to heartless mentor Gulati (Manoj Pahwa, from Article 15) and working in his abusive uncle’s metal scrap mill.

Hasmukh reminds Gulati of a guarantee that he would shortly get to perform for an audience, 1 night. Gulati asks Hasmukh to rehearse a joke, but he is rebuffed by Gulati, after he and delivery struggle. Except Hasmukh is not keen to take no for an answer, and in an ensuing struggle, he ends up killing the timer. A Hasmukh happens to the point set up of Gulati and provides the exact same joke.

Other Casts


Among those impressed is Gulati’s frustrated supervisor Jimmy Moses (Ranvir Shorey, from Titli), that makes the decision to ruin evidence — that the murder weapon — upon discovering the body. Hasmukh is then blackmailed by jimmy into becoming the director of the latter, prior to taking him on a mini-tour of the local comedy circuit of Uttar Pradesh.

But bombing is kept by Hasmukh. After Jimmy wonders what’s up, Hasmukh states that he’s overlooking the”sense”. Jimmy realises that Hasmukh have to kill off-stage to kill on-stage, and puts two and two together. After the mind of the aforementioned humour contest spots Hasmukh on YouTube soon, they are on their way to Mumbai. That functions as the gateway for Hasmukh to bring in its motley of movie industry personalities, which is also where its problems start.

For one, the characters are caricatures, clichés, and one-note. Everyone talks like they know they are in a TV show. For the interest of the storyline, they act at times. Some others are pressured into romantic entanglements that never come across as genuine while some are organically woven into the story as they serve no larger function. Hasmukh also wastes a great deal of time on different characters that seemingly exist only to hint characteristics or atmosphere, with little overall thematic impact. More screen time is wasted by the Netflix series showcasing unneeded flashbacks that remind audiences, or rehashing previously-discussed plot points , just to set up a future conflict.




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