The famous actor Harvey Weinstein will be facing more sex crimes charges and this time on the opposite coast this was said according to the law enforcement sources closes to the investigations. Some sources told us that the Los Angeles County DA’s office impaneled an investigative grand jury in the last six months relating to the various sexual assault probes which were launched by the LAPD and the Beverly Hills PD more than two years ago.

After its investigation we are told by some of the sources close to the case that it would be very much shocking is the actor is not indicted or charged very soon. The DA’s office has now eight cases under his review including the 2013 rape allegations made by the Italian Actress and then some of our sources say that there is enough evidence in at least one of the cases to the warrant filing criminal charges against the disgraced movie producer.



If the cases are charged to the movie producer and the actor then he will be looking at the likelihood of the criminal trials in New York at California. As we have been reported that he is going to a trial in NYC on January 6th on five different charges, and from them, it includes predatory sexual assault, a criminal sex act, and rape as well.

He will be facing life in prison if convicted that he is not pled guilty to the court or the jury members in the court. A person who knows him tells us that the investigations in the Los Angeles cases have been going for over two years now. The cases are very old and it is weak and it has a lack of evidence. Then he said that it will be a very difficult one for them to handle the case.