Harry Potter: The Real-Life Story Behind the Dementors.


Harry Potter is the iconic movie series based on the book with the same title by J K Rowling. The series consisting of 7 movies each two hours long tells the audience about “The Boy who Lived”. The series also introduces the audience with a list of mythical creatures like The Centaur, a creature who is half human and half horse, Mermaids, Hippogriffs, The Three-headed Dog, Dragons, Goblins, and many more.




One among suck mythical creature is the Dementor. Making its first appearance in the third movie “The prisoner of Azkaban” the Dementor is a creature which shapes into a person’s worst fear. This creature is used to guard Azkaban, a prison where no wizard can escape from. This creature can only be defeated by a Patronus which is charm made up of a person’s happy memories.

The presence of such a creature could signify one’s depression and how it sucks the soul out them. In face J.K Rowling, before writing the infamous series of today suffered from depression as she lost her mother, had a failed marriage, unemployment and raising a child alone. She viewed herself as a failure and had suicidal tendencies.

After moving to Scotland, she picked up writing and became one of the best sellers. Dementors were the mythical creatures brought hopelessness, despair, immense sadness, and self-hatred to any individual who encounters it.

One could relate to this as that is what depression would do to somebody. While wizards could see the dementors, Muggles could not see them. This situation would be apt with how humans encounter depression in real life. The Patronus could also be compared to one’s happy memories that they cherish when they’re happy. This makes this series and J K Rowling more relatable.


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