Harley Quinn’s Birds of Prey did 7 Things Better than any DC Film


Birds Of Prey has created its magic in the screens. It is undoubtedly a unique kind of movie DCEU has ever produced. Let’s the reasons why it was so unique compared to that of DCEU movies.

Female centric :

In general, females were never given such a good role in DCEU. But in this movie, we can a lady group with different goals respecting each other and working as a team. This is so good to watch in a DCEU film.

Humour :

Like conventional DC movies, it was not so dark. It has some nice comedy scenes. After Shazam, this is the only such movie which in addition to action provided sufficient jokes to laugh.

Action Sequences :

The action sequences in the movie were lit. When Harley, Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya finally team up, their fight against Roman Sionis’s minions inside the funhouse is one of the best scenes of the entire film.

Light flavor:

Though having the flavor of DC being dark it was well balanced with the humor touch of Harley Quinn. 

For a character like Harley Quinn, everything turns out to be a joke. So it was quite a success to bring in a new blend in DC.

Depicting the exact personality :

Harley Quinn adopts a hyena, cries over an egg sandwich, and attacks a police station with glitter and color powder. All these depict the exact crazy character of Harley Quinn.

Focus on core heroines :

Despite other DC movies like Arrowverse where Black Canary and The Huntress couldn’t get what they deserved, the movie has given a proper origin to their story.

The villain was outstanding :

Ewan McGregor’s take on Roman Sionis is so as he is just a normal human not like some god with superpowers. His wicked nature and influence on many people it set up to be perfect ammunition for Harley and the Birds of Prey to defeat him.


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