Hannah Gadsby: Douglas – This Time Even The Critics Will Admit That She Is Funny

Hannah Gadsby

‘Hannah Gadsby: Douglas’ on Netflix is the second creation of Hannah Gadsby. She is a famous Australian comedian. Her first show ‘Nanette’ came in the year 2018 and it was a huge success. She admits that it will be a challenge for her to follow it up.

This second show of Gadsby was filmed in Las Vegas. Gadsby’s audience from Las Vegas told her that most of them came to see her due to her presence in the show Nanette. But she told them, “if you are here for more trauma, I am fresh out”.

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas – This Time Even The Critics Will Admit That She Is Funny

Hannah Gadsby's show Douglas on Netflix

The new show is having a lot of essence from her last show. This new Netflix original will show her experiences as a young gay woman from Tasmania. In fact, it will also depict her autism diagnosis that happened 3 years ago.

She told that however, she tried to be the part of the team but all she had was a deep sense of isolation only. And that’s the big thing about being on the spectrum, once you are there you are lonely. It was quite difficult for her to connect to people because her brain resides where nobody reaches. When her audience applauds for her she resists them and says that she does not need their pity. All she wants to do is disrupt their confidence.

Well, apart from her fans she also attracted quite a few critics. Her critics remarked Nanette as a Glorified Ted Talk as the show had more lectures than the comedy. They even claim that Gadsby is not funny and she would be much better as an art history teacher giving lectures. But there is totally no looking back for haters Gadsby. She and her creation Douglas no less smart or less insightful than Nanette. She always manages to leave an imprint on her fans and that’s the essence of her creations. No doubt it will also be something different.