Hannah Gadsby Comedy Special on Netflix talks about Autism!!

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby Comedy Special on Netflix: Douglas is a comedy show which is about an hour-long on Netflix. It is starring Hannah Gadsby. A subsequent presentation to her 2018 honour winning extraordinary, “Nanette,” this exceptional is a magnificent cavort addressing everything from the man-centric society to a realistic depiction of how her canine got his name. 

The main focus of the show is autism. It will feature Hannah’s autism experiences and perceptions.


Hannah Gadsby Comedy Special

Hannah Gadsby's show Douglas on Netflix

The show is very refreshing and clean. Getting a summary of where the show was going and what’s in the store felt practically like a superb convenience. As the show is based on Autism. When did she say Why would I start off being a bit unlikable? that looks very beautiful. All the people with autism rarely make a good first impression. This is a new type of entertainment. The best part of the show is the lectures. She does not talk about autism but also tells everything related to it. She knows her audience. You can watch this show with your family. You will enjoy every second of it. All the jokes related to autism have an emotion which makes it more interesting. 

This show is something for all the autistic persons out there. The other line which is can disrupt your confidence is when she says “I’m not here to collect your pity. This talks about the condition of autism in society.

The other line is “What this show is, is a metaphorical proposition that explains the relationship between what you think you think you see me think and what I’m genuinely able to think.”. It means that people always judge autistic people. They always tend to see them on the face, my them uncomfortable everywhere. This condition of society is not good. This show talks about everything which can change the way society thinks. It can make a better place for all the autistic people. See this show on Netflix, and get all the things. If you can’t help autistic person, so don’t make the world difficult from them. Do which is good!!


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