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Hank’s role in Better Call Saul is Much bigger than anyone had expected

Hank Shrader’s role in Better Call Saul season 5 is bigger than expected. One of the main characters of Breaking Bad series, fans were excited to learn Dean Morris would reprise the DEA agent in the spin-off series. Currently, Better Call Saul has emerged from the shadow of its parent program and stands on its own merits as one of TV’s finest dramas, but it is still fun to see the two shows connect.

Over Saul’s run in the first four seasons, Vince Gilligan and his company have found numerous ways to organically tie Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad together. One of Saul’s finest features that it is largely avoided low hanging fruit fan service.


The viewers may recall in last week’s 50% off, Krazy 8 was arrested. Due to his connections with the Salamanca cartel, Hank and Gomez are sent to question him for the intel. What they get are the actual locations of Fring’s dead drop zones, allowing the DEA to swoop in and seize Fring’s drug money.

So far, agent Hank is confirmed to only be in two Better Call Saul episodes, meaning that he is not a regular player of the show. Still, his role in the Salamanca subplot thrusts him into the main action, having him directly impact one of Better Call Saul’s primary storylines. It would have been fun to see Norris playing Hank again regardless, but it is even better knowing his guest’s appearance serves a larger purpose in the overall story.

Hank’s involvement in the series as a catalyst for something even greater than we have ever thought. Well, let us hope the best for the whole team and also for Norris. We wish them luck with their show. Fans would be happy to see him again in the series.

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