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Half Life Fans May Gravitate Towards This New Gordon Freeman Figure




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Maybe this Gordon Freeman figure will help Half-Life fans with the wait for Half-Life 3. Some Half-Life fans may be excited about the recently announced Half-Life: Alex as it is a new entry for the franchise.

Others may be ruled out that they have waited twelve years for a new game in the series that is not Half-Life 3 or is a VR exclusive title. That being said, I’m pretty sure that every fan will appreciate this super sick and customizable figure of Gordon Freeman coming early next year.

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This 1/6 Gordon Freeman figure is being sold through Mondeo and includes a variety of weapons such as guns, pistols, delicate grenades, and ferropods as well as the iconic crowbar and gravity gun (which lights up!).

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There are seven interchangeable hands, as well as a stand that can be used to model the figure in various poses. Additionally, Mondo is selling a special edition featuring a head break figure with everything normally included for the same price of $ 200.

Pre-orders are available right now, and the figure is set to release in March 2020 with Half-Life: Alex. If you live in the United States, there is no need to worry, hence Mondo ships worldwide. Except Half-Life 3, which is something you should probably worry about. Hopefully, now some new option is expected that it will eventually become a reality.

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