‘Haikyuu’ Chapter 392: Release Date, Spoilers And Predictions

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‘Haikyuu’ Chapter 392: Today we will be sharing all the spoilers regarding the upcoming chapter here, so if you are someone who doesn’t want to read any spoilers then feel free to click away from this article and close the tab on your browser.

The third set of the match between Adlers and Jackals has started and Jackals are once again dominating the set all thanks to Atsumu Miya’s service ace.


The final set of the match is finally here and readers are dying to know who will be the final winner and can’t wait to read what happens next.

Recap of ‘Haikyuu’ Chapter 392


The previous “Haikyuu” chapter 391 titled “Who Needs Memories” was released this week and game 3 continues. Atsumu Miya is on fire on the court so the Black Jackals is leading with 5 points over the Adlers score of just 2. He launched his trademark hybrid serves and the opponents struggle to catch the ball.

With his display of powerful serves, the players are predicting that Miya is aiming for the Top Server Award in the V. League. In any case, to catch up, the Adlers changed players and switched up to four-man serve formation. Ushijima was also brought on the floor although he doesn’t usually play in that format.

Romero steps up for the Adlers as they are falling behind. The end of the chapter showed the Black Jackals still on the lead with a 12-10 score and Miya is on his spot for his fourth serve.

Haikyuu 392 Spoilers & Predictions


The timeout is over and the third set will be resuming in the upcoming Haikyuu Chapter 392, Kageyama needs to think of something fast if he wants to win against Hinata.

Hinata, Bokuto, and Atsumu are in their top form and adding points to the table for the victory of the Jackals. We can see their victory very up close but I don’t think the author will let that happen.

Kageyama’s god mode is still to be revealed, Ushijima has been silent for the most part of the time and it’s time he scores some points for his team.

‘Haikyuu’ Chapter 392 Other Detail

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The next Haikyuu chapter is going to be a good one and for people looking to read Haikyuu manga 392 spoilers, we will be sharing them here once it gets released online.

The next chapter will not decide the winner of the match, we believe that there will be more chapters covering the third set but what we don’t know is who will be the winner.

The spoilers are getting delayed because of the Golden Week in Japan, but you can expect the spoilers to be released very soon.