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Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Thor’s Cameo has been confirmed




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Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Thor’s Cameo has been confirmed.

After the Fast and Furious actor, Vin Diesel confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will be featured in Taika Waititi directed and Christian Bale starer Thor: Love and Thunder, sources close to Marvel Studios have now hinted that there will be a new team member involved in Guardians of The Galaxy:3 and it is going to be the God of Thunder – Thor.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Other cast

James Gunn Director of Guardians of The Galaxy 3 confirms a major character's death in upcoming movie

Thor really went through an emotional turmoil throughout Avengers Endgame. Realising his mother’s message, Thor handed over Asgard to valkyrie and joined the Guardians family just right. Rocket and groot were among his best friends as Rocket helped him overcome the feeling of loss, grief and failure throughout the movie. So the next step already was the addition of Thor in guardians team and Marvel seems to be doing just that in Thor 4 and Guardians of The Galaxy 3.

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Thor’s Cameo has been confirmed

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after facing immense rollercoaster of some scenarios is now all set to be directed again by James Gunn. Earlier Gunn was removed by the franchise for his behaviour and violent tweets. But then after a public apology and support from the stars like Chris Hemsworth, he was back with the team again.

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Chris also said that the film will be shot on Gunn’s script and that the script is amazing, although now due to the pandemic, Marvel has now shifted dates for several of its movies and guardians of the galaxy 3 being the finale for MCU 3 and an entrance into MCU 4, finds its release delayed, we expect the movie to be released in late 2022 or in early 2023.

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Well, this is it guys. We hope that you are doing well during this quarantine. We wish the best for you and your family. Till then stay tuned for more updates.

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