GTA 6 Updates: Some Reasons Why It Is The Best Rockstar’s Game

GTA 6 Leaks by Ned Luke, the actor who portrayed Michael De Santa in GTA 5

Here are some GTA 6 Updates, Basically few reasons which have made GTA The Best Rockstar’s Game among the Gamers in the world.

  1. Red Dead: Much more groundbreaking and experimental

GTA 6 Much more groundbreaking and experimental

Red Dead Redemption II has a feature in which holding down the left trigger lets the players interact with almost anything. This ranges from talking to people to picking up almost anything in the world. It is something that most of the games should copy immediately, as it completely changes how interaction should work.

  1. GTA Five: more accessible and also fun to play


With a name like GTA, people will know that what they are getting into. It is a game about driving and causing mayhem in a city. There are no limitations and everything is much more fun and easier to grasp.

  1. Red Dead: the storytelling is much stronger

GTA Update - the storytelling is much stronger

Calling a story of a video game good is very hard these days because the games are usually judged differently than films. While most of the video game stories are great, most of them feel like they are mimicking or paying homage to other films.

  1. GTA V: The humor is much more pronounced

GTA- The humor is much more pronounced

GTA V’s story is not the best in the series but it definitely succeeds in terms of its characters and humour. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are well-written characters that each have their own great scenes. A lot of humor also derives from smart satire.

  1. Red Dead: looks much better

GTA - Red Dead - looks much better

While Red Redemption II chugs a bit when the players walks into a town, overall it is probably set the standard for console graphics. Landscapes looks like paintings and the facial animations are improved.

  1. GTA V: Runs much better on modern consoles

GTA 6 - Runs much better on modern consoles

GTA V was originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, where it was fairly impressive feat. Once the game was ported over to Playstation 4 and Xbox One it sported some visual upgrades and runs significantly better than Red Redemption II does.