Gris Coming to PS4 This Week in Launched last December


This week, one of 2018’s most critically-acclaimed indie games will probably arrive on PlayStation 4, courtesy of Devolver Digital. Launched last December on Change and Microsoft Windows, Gris follows the game’s titular character as she explores a world filled with sorrow. She gains new abilities through her apparel, such as the ability to transform into a stone block, or create pathways Since Gris traverses the faded world. The world’s lights are restored by Gris and as the match progresses, color is restored, which is reflected from the unique visuals of the title.

Developed by Nomada Studio, Gris won’t appeal to everyone. The platform-adventure game does not include traditional gambling obstacles, such as death, and has been called”with no frustration” by the game’s publisher. Instead, Gris is a mellow affair, focusing on a few and exploration. The game’s music accentuates the tone, with the original soundtrack.


It comes with a small number of improvements to make up for lost time, although the PlayStation version might be late to the party. With revamped graphics to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro version and 4K screens , updated sound quality and other PlayStation-exclusive attributes, this new version of Gris might be the method to play with the game.

Players will be able to download Gris on Tuesday, but those who favor physical releases can also pre-order the sport from Limited Run Games that same day for $29.99. A trio of reversible art cards will accompanies the physical release. People who pre-order the actual release of this game might have to wait somewhat longer for the game to get there, but because PlayStation fans have been waiting almost a year today for Gris to arrive, a little extra wait to have the match on a physical disc does not seem so bad! The variant from Limited Run Games will cost $29.99.

With more than 300,000 units sold as the game’s introduction and plenty of award nominations, Gris has developed a loyal following because the first debut of the game. It’ll be intriguing to determine if PlayStation owners are taken with the game.