Grey’s Anatomy: show runner reveals the mistake that she made 16 this season and it went unnoticed

Grey's Anatomy

The Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama TV series. This series was premiered in March, 2005. This is a fiction series and it’s main focus is on the lives and troubles of surgical interns, residents and attending doctors. It depicts the journey to become a seasoned doctor and balance between personal and professional life. In fact the title itself depicts the similarity with the medical life. The story of the series is based in the Seattle but it is filmed in the Los Angeles, California.

The series dropped it’s sixteenth season in September 2019. As the series running from quite a long ago, it has suffered a lot of changes and replacements in it’s cast. But still it maintains it’s viewership. The fans of the series love it a lot. In fact, for it’s 15th season the series was ranked as highest rated drama of ABC.


The error in the Grey’s Anatomy

Well, after the end of the 16th season now it’s show runner is all set to explain some errors in the show. There was a scene where Andrew actually meant to say, “I’m worried about you…. You are not yourself. You are acting like your dad.”  But he said, “You look like your father” in the end. He explained this thing later in an interview with People Magazine.

In fact, in a recent interview with TV Line it was discussed that writers of the series will come up together for the 17th season of the series. The script for the 17th season will be discussed on a conference call.


The fans have received the series quite well. Infact, it gained positive reviews from both fans and critics. Grey’s Anatomy is quite consistent with it’s position in the top 10 list of various criteria. It is considered to have a significant effect over the popular culture. The series also bagged numerous awards and it is till now the longest running American show on ABC.