Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Will the Show come to an end?

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: The Seventeenth season of the show was confirmed by ABC after the last outing was interrupted after the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The fans of the show need to know about the future of long-running medical drama and when it can return to our screens.

The question which arises in the minds of the fans is that will there be another Grey’s Anatomy series? On Thursday, April 9 the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy begins its 16th season on ABC. The viewers became more aware of the fate of Richard Weber as the finale tied some loose ends.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Will it be the finale?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

The last episode will leave several fans wondering if the show will return again with season 17. The next season of the show is already confirmed which is very exciting news for all the fans of the long-running medical drama series. Before the sixteenth season, the show was renewed. The season even started to air on ABC last year.

It was confirmed that Meredith Gray star Ellen Pompeo renewed her contract in May 2019. Both 16th and 17th seasons of the show renewed simultaneously. After the shows were renewed Pompeo told People: “Obviously I never anticipated that the show would be number one on the network.” How do you get away from a hit?

However, some rumours have been doing the rounds that the show might come to an end after season 17. Giacomo Gianniotti explained that “Once again, studios and creatives love the show and want it to last forever.”

The new season of the show is set to release in its new regular slot of the season in September as this is the time when the show makes its debut with the new season. It is very much expected to make a delay due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The season will have 21 episodes instead of 25.