‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actress Jaicy Elliot Shares Dream Cast Return

Juicy Elliot knows precisely who is her fantasy Grey’s Anatomy throw return. The actress, who performs Taryn Helm about the ABC medical drama opened to PopCulture.com about being a huge fan of this series, and her desire to watch one of its most treasured stars reunite for longer episodes.
The actress joined the cast of this beloved series in 2017 and also her personality charmed fans along with her gentle obsession with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). If it comes to the show’s long history, Elliot stated she dreams of the recurrence of an iconic friendship.
“This will sound sort of cliché, but that I only need Cristina (Yang) to return,” Elliot said of the character played with Sandra Oh through the first ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.
“I only want her about Meredith and I wish to find that relationship occur again,” she added in a telephone meeting with PopCulture.com Tuesday, December 10. “And hopefully maybe if I could get to use Sandra Oh at the combination, that will be fine.”
After leaving the series after Season 10, Oh has commented about returning to the show from the eventual show finale. With the achievement of her Emmy-nominated drama show Killing Eve, Oh lately said she’s concentrated on the nature of Eve Polastri.
She has never closed down the chance of her returning to get a guest appearance later on.
The viewers of grey got a callback through the show episode, which followed Meredith’s hearing before the committee into Cristina Yang in Season 16.
The episode contained Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) studying a character reference from Cristina through the hearing.
Helm (Elliot) is famous for adoring Meredith Grey as far as fans of this series love Cristina. The personality was a fan of this show lead because of her debut. After spending the year the drop finale featured Meredith’s yield.
“We are all very pleased to have Meredith back,” Elliot said. “She is such a power of character.”
Elliot admitted to taking another step in their relationship, in addition to she’d like to visit their bond grows.
“I believe Taryn is expecting to… function as a resident and get to get a bit more privileged instruction from Meredith. I mean, God knows she had been loyal to Meredith in the minute she stepped into that hospital so that I believe Meredith has sort of a feeling of this,” Elliot said. “She understands that Taryn has a great deal of potential and how much she enjoys Meredith.”

“I mean, of course, I’d love for Taryn to be with Meredith [romantically],” Elliot added with a laugh. “But Meredith has a lot on her plate .”
Grey’s Anatomy will go back for new episodes using a crossover event with Station 19 Thursday, Jan. 23. The next week the series will air in its new time, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.