‘Gretel And Hansel’, films are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime


Fairytales have for long been a part and parcel of the entertainment. These tales are filled with places and creatures and are intended to teach children positive thoughts of friendship, love, forgiveness, humility, and so on.

Among the most well-known collections of fairytales was made by the Brothers Grimm, and many of the stories in their publication have nearly become symbols. But what if such stories are given a darker spin, and taken away in the world of kids? This is just what Oz Perkins does in his film’Gretel And Hansel’.

Set in a dark and mysterious universe devoid of the charm of fairytales, this movie becomes the narrative of the success of the eponymous sibling duo that has been captured by an evil witch. In case you have enjoyed watching’ Hansel And Gretel’, here are. Many are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Predestination (2014)

‘Predestination’ is a mind-bending film about a time-traveling agent that has been assigned a mission where he’s to protect against a terrorist attack in New York City. We see him striking up a conversation with the bartender and walking into a pub.

The agent in question, John, tells the bartender he writes a column called”The Unmarried Mother” at a local book that’s principally based on his or her life. But how can a person write a genuine account of a woman’s lifestyle and assert that to be his? And why can the bartender find the story pretty recognizable?

A suspension of disbelief is essential if you would like to enjoy’Predestination’. The story is organized and the performances are excellent as well.

6. Harbinger (2016)

In which the impact of environmental degradation has nearly driver somebody over the border, this 2016 film about a young girl, belongs to the genre. The narrative centers around Mira, a woman who heads over to a state home with her father and mother to recuperate from a terrible head injury.

She, on the other hand, starts seeing terrible visions Even though Mira’s father was of the view that living here would do her good. We are made to realize that the area’s water supply may have something to do with the condition of Mira. The notion of the movie is refreshing and the narrative has a certain ambiguity that makes it quite an interesting watch.

5. Crimson Peak (2015)

‘Crimson Peak’ is a movie by Guillermo del Toro, a director who has always excelled in creating gothic horror movies. This 2015 film is the story of a woman called Edith who marries a mysterious English baronet, Sir Thomas Sharpe, despite her father’s disapproval.

While Sharpe and his sister appear to be rather charming people, it becomes clear that they are hiding a dark secret. Edith discovers that she’s not the girl Sharpe has married. He has had three sisters in the past who have passed away under mysterious conditions. The production design, and performances by the cast are fantastic, but the story of’Red Tide’ is predictable.

Christmas is the time of festivities and merrymaking, and anybody who does not indulge in these activities puts that he or she is not that interested in observing Jesus’ birth. This is precisely what the young boy Max, the protagonist of’Krampus’, does. After a quarrel with certain members of his family, he decides to abstain from the Christmas celebrations.

The conclusion of max brings forth the wrath of the monster Krampus which destroys any non-believer it comes across. If you enjoy campy horror flicks, you may have a gala time watching’ Krampus’. Its implementation is undoubtedly quite poor, although the premise of the film is intriguing.

3. Coraline (2009)

According to Neil Gaiman’s book,’Coraline’ is a dream movie about the eponymous woman, who has just moved to another home along with her parents. With not one of her friends around, Coraline gets bored and starts drifting throughout the home, exploring every nook and corner.

This is when she goes inside and discovers a secret passageway. Here, she’s introduced to a new reality that’s just like her house but is a frightening place with secrets. ‘Coraline’ boasts of a beautiful story, fascinating animation, and a few performances from the voice actors.

2. The Shape Of Water (2017)

One of the most widely-acclaimed movies on this record, 2017 Golden Lion winner’s form of Water’ tells the story of a mute janitor called Elisa, who functions in a scientific research center. She sees that the officers secretly bringing in a creature that has limbs such as a guy but is an aquatic creature.

This creature and Elisa begin sharing a bond from the secret, as the scientists determine on their experiments. ‘The Shape Of Water’ uses undertones that are heavy during, creating a case for individuals, species or even races that are exploited by the powers that be.

1. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Another movie by del Torro, pan’s Labyrinth’ tells a story record five years after the Spanish Civil War. The central character of the film is a little girl named Ofelia that has come to a country house with her mother, to pay a visit to her stepfather.

Here, Ofelia meets with a fairy who also informs her and leads her into a world of danger and magic that she was once a princess. To establish her royalty, Ofelia needs to take part in certain evaluations. Its beautiful production design, cinematography, and costumes are a blend of fantasy and horror and greatly helps the film.


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