Granblue Fantasy Season 3: What We Know So Far?

Unlike the other Japanese anime series that is particularly based on the managed show, Granblue Fantasy The Animation is inspired by the video game that is already a popular entertaining option for the Japanese people. After the popularity of the video game, A-1 Pictures decided to release an anime that would resemble the show and would make the viewers overwhelmed. As the show was released, it was instantly hot. Fans from the world appreciated the drama and wondered about Granblue Fantasy Season 3. 

It’s been a while since the viewers have watched the second season of the anime series, A-1 Pictures have already been super active when it comes to their popular anime. With the recent trends, we are seeing that the anime series is getting their continuation as early as possible earlier, it was such hectic work to get an update for the anime show. 


Granblue Fantasy season 3

But ever since the OTT platform has stepped into the game and the number of shows is getting more massive. The studio is trying its best to make the renewal as early as possible. For Granblue Fantasy The Animation, the anime has already covered its two seasons and now there have been talks regarding Granblue Fantasy Season 3. 

It’s been quite a while for the show to release its last season and now the fans couldn’t take it anymore. Twitter is filled with tweets regarding the demand for the show. In this article, we’ll be talking about everything concerning the show. Here are all the recent updates for the anime series. 

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Granblue Fantasy: Everything to Know About it!

Granblue Fantasy season 3 updates

Granblue Fantasy is a Japanese anime series that was officially released in 2017. Produced by A-1 pictures, teh series follows a fantasy world that consists of the humans, the Draph, the Erune, and the unknown. Centers around Gran, who is the main protagonist of the anime series and has the passion to become a skyscraper one day. Through the series, we follow the super adventure land where we follow our main lead. 

The series has already announced two seasons and both seasons have different ratings and opinions. The overall ratings for the series are still decent enough and anyone who admires the fantasy world should check this series. 

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Granblue Fantasy Season 3: Will there be Another Season?

Granblue Fantasy season 3

Ever since the second season of the anime aired, fans started to wonder about the third season. The show was indeed on a wrapping note but there have been a lot of things that need to be covered. Also, there were huge conflicts between the fans and their need to have another season. 

As we know that the series is based on the manga series and as it happens, there is a lot of possibility for the show to get renewed. The officials have not yet revealed anything to the viewers and the silence is making things difficult. Fans are already confused because of how things went tricky during the end of the season. 

The first season of Granblue Fantasy was assigned to be produced under A-1 Pictures. However, the release of the second season was brought forward by MAPPA. Fans were shocked by the sudden transfer of the studio because the series wasn’t that bad as compared to the other A-1 Pictures show. The officials have not revealed any specific reason concerning the topic and it has never really come out why things happened like this.

Coming back to the topic, there is nothing to tell because the officials have decided to keep themselves shut. 

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Granblue Fantasy Season 3: When is it going to Premiere?

The first part of the series officially premiered in 2017. It took the officials two years to renew the series and release its second season. As the series came to its final ending, there was something uncertain in the storyline. 

Now, fans are confused about whether the series will turn out another page from its book. There are already many anime series that are getting renewed this year. The year 2021, has already marked the year full of cancellations and renewals. At this time, the officials have not said whether the series has officially ended or if it will be renewed in the future. 

The fans are optimistic regarding the future of the series. At the time of the release, the series gained instant success. However, the spark was lost as the A-1 Pictures have left the series. The show was massively hyped around the Internet but as the show delivered, it wasn’t as amazing as the people have predicted. The ratings of the show are pretty decent but the viewership doesn’t hold the gratitude to get another season. 

Still, as MAPPA had the role of being the producer, there will be something that they are planning. When the original studio left the series, MAPPA came forward for the production of the show. According to the fans, MAPPA was a life savior of the anime series who saw the potential in the show and released its second season. 

Also, the series did an amazing job and got an appreciation for its animation, and graphics, and the overall performance of the series increased. Now, the fans are hoping for the show to get another season. 

If there will be another sequel to the show, it will be released in 2022 or 2023. There is no permanent date scheduled for the series but we are still estimating the release date.

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