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Grace and Frankie Season 6, Here are the best quotes from her character

Frankie Bergstein is the hippy-dippy burst of energy that makes Netflix’s Grace and Frankie the success it is. As Sol’s wife and friend to Grace, those who love and love her surround Frankie. Her ex-husband couldn’t escape her charms and called her soulmate, although he is at a union that is brand new. Frankie has this way about her that stinks the people into her arms, which makes them want to leave.

Now that Grace and Frankie are going into its seventh and final year, let us take a peek at some of Frankie’s best quotes in the sixth time, streaming now on Netflix.


“We Almost Named Coyote ‘Hamburglar’ But Ultimately Decided That Was A Ridiculous Name For A Child.”

Frankie is the proud mama to Nwabudike (“Bud”) and Coyote, the two of whom she embraced with her ex-husband Sol. Bud followed working at the law firm and is the oldest. Coyote, down a dark road, took another path on the other hand, but is sober and creating a life for themself.

In this scene, Frankie has some assistance in getting her house in order today that Grace moved in with Nick. Why she’s still has a Hamburglar toy from McDonald’s, the guru Frankie asks, because she’s almost named her son Hamburglar, along with her rationale is. But since Hamburglar is a peculiar title, she chose Coyote.

“How Can I Be The Cool One In The Relationship With A Hearing Aid? Besides, They’ve Never Once Gone With My Outfit.”

Grace attempts to convince Frankie to get a hearing aid after Frankie spaced out on hearing what Jack said on their first date. Frankie is firmly opposed to becoming one, particularly as it clashes with the majority of her outfits. She is also worried that wearing a hearing aid will make her look uncool. Frankie practically created”cool.”

“And I’m A Sucker For A Gal Who’s A Sucker For A Dry Martini.”

Dana Marino is a”genius,” based on Joan-Margret, which is why she hired her to assist Frankie to get her life in order. With Grace newly married and residing with Nick, Frankie had to get used to life on her own. And while Frankie wasn’t warm and inviting to Dana, the two hit it off throughout the day.

Dana asked if she could make herself a martini, which is just what Grace beverages when it quit time. The coincidence was sufficient to make Frankie smile and relax for the first time since Grace transferred out.

“Thanks, I Was Going For Thunder Dome Meets Pepper From The Muppets Vibe.”

Frankie has a unique design, to say the least. She enjoys fabric and texture and is not afraid of color or jewelry. She wears what fits her personality in the present time, and it really divides her.

Nick complimented how she looked, Frankie after Grace asked Frankie to join at a charity function. She explained that she was going to get a combo of Thunder Dome and Pepper out of The Muppets Movie, that is really what she looked like.

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