Google Stadia Snatches Up Its First Third-Party Studio


Google Stadia bought the game developer, Typhoon Studios, to buy a special exclusive title for its Stadia Games and Entertainment division. Google Stadia has bought Typhoon Studios, the developer of the upcoming game Journey to the Savage Planet. Released on 19 November, Google’s cloud gaming service was expected to be one of the biggest innovations in the industry so far, but in fact, Stadia has many issues.

It uses large amounts of data, so players are forced to limit their time on the platform to avoid using their monthly data cap within a few days. Also, some users reported that the gaming platform overheated their Chromecast ultrasound, and even shut down while playing.


Google Stadia

Now, as IGN reports, Google Stadia bought developer Typhoon Studios intending to set up a first-party game development studio called Stadia Games & Entertainment. Google’s studio will be based in Montreal, and its leader will be Sbbastien Puel. The team at Stadia Games and Entertainment will benefit from the knowledge of industry veterans who previously worked at Typhoon Studios.

The developer of Journey of Savage Planet is the first game studio to be involved in Google’s ambitious project, but despite the acquisition, its upcoming game is still to be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
Savage Planet’s Journey is the first title of Typhoon Studios and is scheduled for release on January 28, 2020. It is a survival and space exploration game, which has a plot similar to No Man’s Sky. The game was officially announced at the Game Awards 2018.

Google wants to resolve issues with Stadia by creating a large library of quality exclusive titles that can bring players back to their good platform. The Internet giant has already taken several steps towards this goal. Now, with the talents behind Typhoon Studio, Google will hope that Stadia can develop interesting games to make the membership worth buying.

It is clear that Google keeps improving the quality of Stadia, otherwise many players will not be able to enjoy exclusive titles due to excessive data usage or other issues with the platform.